On August 14, 2019, Microsoft announced a new agreement that aims to improve accessibility in education. The agreement is part of Microsoft`s effort to enable equitable access to technology for students with disabilities.

The new agreement outlines several key initiatives aimed at improving accessibility. These initiatives include developing a new set of accessibility guidelines for education technology, providing training and resources to educators on accessible design, and collaborating with schools and universities to improve accessibility in their technology systems.

One key aspect of the agreement is the development of a new set of accessibility guidelines specifically for education technology. These guidelines will serve as a roadmap for educators and developers to ensure that their technology products are accessible to students with disabilities. According to Microsoft, these guidelines will be based on best practices and standards developed by leading disability organizations.

The agreement also includes a commitment from Microsoft to provide training and resources to educators on inclusive design. This will help educators to better understand the needs of students with disabilities and to design technology products that meet those needs. In addition, Microsoft will work with schools and universities to improve the accessibility of their technology systems, including their websites, apps, and digital content.

According to Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, “Accessibility is a fundamental human right. And yet, too often students with disabilities are left behind because of barriers to technology and learning. Our new agreement is a significant step forward in our effort to create a more inclusive and accessible education system for all students.”

The new agreement reflects Microsoft`s ongoing commitment to accessibility. The company has long been a leader in the development of technology products for people with disabilities, including its popular accessibility features in Windows and Office products. With this new agreement, Microsoft is taking a further step towards ensuring that all students have equal access to the technology they need to succeed in school.